KeyCollect SA was founded in 2008 by a group of experts from the online payments industry and operates from the financial hub of Switzerland: Zürich. Our mission is to help merchants and payment processors create a secure and reliable online payment environment at low cost.

We assist new companies in building an online payment portfolio, and help established organisations streamline their payment activities. Our consultants provide expertise in all stages of payment processing, from contract negotiation and the technical integration to transaction analysis and risk management.


Payment Consultancy

Online payment processing can be intimidating to start with, and complicated to integrate into your business. The offer of online payment methods is vast, and continuously growing. It can be difficult to determine the wishes of your customers regarding online payment options. This is where KeyCollect steps in.

With many years of experience in the payment and billing fields, our consultants can assess the needs of your customers and help you decide on how to cater to their wishes. Where some benefit from a global approach, others may take to local presence instead. KeyCollect provides a tailored payment product portfolio, designed for each merchant and based on their professional requirements.

KeyCollect takes a leading role in seeking out exciting opportunities in the online payment arena, and carefully guides merchants wishing to integrate new payment solutions.

Technical Integration

We have vast experience in establishing connections between merchants, payment service providers (PSPs), and financial institutions, which allows our consultants to plan, guide, and optimise the technical integration between these parties.

Relationship Management

By outsourcing (part of) their payment-related activities, our clients are able to focus completely on their core business. KeyCollect can represent merchants and PSPs in negotiation with potential partners, and apply its payment expertise in improving the commercial, technical, and administrative aspects of existing relationships.

Risk Management and Transaction Analysis

KeyCollect can provide client with a tailored risk management and fraud prevention solution, including transaction analysis, automated checks, pattern detection, velocities, and blacklists.

Compliance and Bank Regulation

KeyCollect can help develop and maintain effective policies that are in line with the latest payment regulations and compliance requirements. We can provide valuable insight regarding due diligence, know-your-customer (KYC) mechanisms, and customer monitoring systems.


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